Youth Ministry

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< yes, that is chocolate covered bacon! We have an awesome youth group!

Children's Ministry

The safety of your children is of great importance to us. During the worship portion of our service children are encouraged to participate with their family in the sanctuary. Sometimes they need to keep their hands busy, in which case we have children go bags, which are brightly colored bags hanging in the back of the sanctuary. These bags include coloring sheets and crayons. If it becomes to loud or to overwhelming there is a nursery in the back of church where one of our friendly volunteers will be happy to watch your child. Our church may be small, but all of our volunteers go through a background check/application process.

During the 5 minute 'break' between the worship and the sermon the children can go downstairs to age appropriate classes. In this programming the children learn more about God and the Bible. 

Worship Leaders

CCF plays contemporary christian music. The instruments selected can vary and include: acoustic, electric, base, and air guitars, keyboard, drums, as well as vocals. 

Administrative Assistant

It takes a community to make this church operate to its full capacity, and while the administrative assistant keeps everything organized and on task, church could not operate without contributions from all its members.